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Mix and Match

All Day Specials: $13


Pick 1:


Grilled Chicken

1 Porkchop

Small Grilled Steak


Pick 1:

Yellow rice (Arroz con Gandules)

White Rice



Pick 1:

Yuca Frita

Sweet Plantain

2 Tostones


*Extras $2.00

*Ask for our:

Pernil Special $12

Mini Paisa $15

Steak and fries $12

Grilled chicken and fries $10

Chicken wings and Fries $10


Maduro $6

Yuca Frita $6

Arepa y Chorizo $7

Tostones $6

Empanadas $1.25 (beef or chicken)

Platano con Carne $10

Chicharron $6

Don Hugo Fries small $3

Large $5.50

Alcapurria $4

Arepa de choclo con queso $4

Ensalada con aguacate $8




(ask for 1 of our 3 specialty soups)

1- Mondongo (tripe soup)

Cow tripe, carrots, peas, potato, pork bits, and chorizo bits. Delicious hearty meaty soup. (tripa de la vaca, arbejas, papa, pedazos de cerdo y chorizo)

2 – Chicken Soup (Sopa de Pollo)

Chicken all meat of the bone, potato and “guasca” leaves (Pollo, papa, y hojas de guasca)

3- Beef Soup (Sopa de Res)

All-beef, potato, cassava (res, papa, yuca)



Chicken wings and French Fries – $12
fried seasoned and finished on the grill with crispy fries

Grilled Chicken Salad and Fries – $12
fillet grilled seasoned white meat, lettuce, tomato onions, and crunchy Don Hugo fries



Platano con Carne- $10
(Sweet Plantain with ground beef, veggies, and corn)

½ chicken tostones- $12
( ½ baked chicken with green plantain)

Chicharron y Maduro- $12
(Pork bits with sweet plantain)

Chicken wings and Don Hugo’s Fries – $12

Steak and Fries – $13


Hugos Jugos:

Maracuya (Passion Fruit)

Mora (Black Berry)

Guanabana (Sour Sop)


Ask for: Papaya or Lulo

Milk(leche) $8 Water(agua) $7

Cholados $8